What Is WebSpace?
WebSpace is a Do-It-Yourself Web Design Tool which allows just about anyone to create a 3 page website quickly and easily.

Pornography, illegal material, unethical, slanderous material, etc., will not be allowed or tolerated. Each site is monitored and any site with unethical material in it will be shut down.

How Does It Work?
By providing simple forms most of the hastle of creating a web page is eliminated. You just have to supply the text and images. Also, any HTML that you might happen to know can be used as well. Anything from plain text to full color and font control can be easily created and edited. We have even compiled a page of useful HTML tips and suggestions for you to use to help you create the best possible pages!

This is not a fully free service. There is no cost to develop the site. However, there are costs to register and host the domain name. There are other services on the net that are fully free, but you do not get your own domain name such as www.yourfarmname.com, and they put banner advertising on your site. These free services give you a domain name such as www.thehostingcompany.com/users/yourname.index.html.

Here, there are no banner ads and with your own domain name it is easier to market and promote. The only costs are a one time registration fee, a one time activation fee and the monthly hosting cost.

  • Domain Registration: $35 US Funds per year
    ('.com', '.net' and '.org' domains only, email us to register other domains)
  • Server set-up fee: $29.95 (one time fee)
  • Hosting fee: $30/month (payable on a yearly basis, one month free)

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If You Have Already Registered A Domain Name But Wish To Host With WebSpace, Email Us.

If You Wish To Register A Domain That Is Not '.com', '.net' or '.org', Email Us.

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